Order out of Chaos.Primeiro dividiram para reinar,agora do caos sairá a nova ordem.'Os fins justificam os meios' é também um dos seus motos. http://senhoresdomundo.blogspot.com/2005/06/os-senhores-do-mundo.html

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Guerras Contra a Europa


Sunday, December 13, 2020


Friday, April 24, 2020

O Globalismo e a Pandemia

https://www.epochtimes.com.br/globalismo-ideologia-hibrida-seculo-xxi/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.epochtimes.com.br/legisladores-dos-eua-apresentarao-projeto-de-lei-que-permite-aos-americanos-processar-a-china-por-pandemia/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- há 2 dias - O ministro das Relações Exteriores do Brasil, Ernesto Araújo, afirmou que o novo coronavírus tem sido usado para implantar o comunismo no mundo https://www.dn.pt/mundo/ministro-brasileiro-diz-que-pandemia-e-usada-para-implantar-o-comunismo-e-ataca-oms-12104629.html

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Quem São os Senhores do Mundo

http://www.academia.edu/26493825/Livros_para_entender_a_NOVA_ORDEM_MUNDIAL (aka governo mundial) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://novadesordemmundial.blogspot.com/2020/03/pandemia-2020.html

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Mundo Novo


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A Armadilha Mundialista

LA SUPERCLASE MUNDIALISTA. UN IDENTIKIT. - Tapatalk https://www.tapatalk.com/topic/80870-cotilleando-com/113824-la-superclase-mundialista-un-identikit - ... LGBT, el reemplazo "multicultural", la eutanasia a cargo de los servicios sanitarios nacionales, etc etc. ... La superclase es cosmopolita. ... y el neocapitalismo globalista, ya los super ricos no tienen nada que temer del pueblo. ... Del Council on Foreign Relations de Rockefeller son hijos el grupo Bilderberg y la Comisiòn ...

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Secret Rulers of The World

"Those people featured in Them-Islamic fundamentalists,American militias and separatists and neo-nazis- have more in common now than ever.Mosts are convinced that the power elites of the Western world,in one guise or another,secretly orchestrated the events of 11 September.This is what they do,they say,They creat chaos,and from the ashes of this chaos will rise their terrible World Government. Here is another belief most of them share: that the financial traders who worked inside the twin towers were the foot soldiers,conscious or otherwise,of the New World Order,an Internationalist Conspiracy conducted by a tiny secretive elite,whose ultimate aim is to destroy all opposition,implement a planetary takeover,and establish themselves as a World Government.This is a book about this conspiracy theory- about the secret rulers of the world,and those people who believe in them. This book began its life in 1995 as a series of profiles of extremist leaders,but then i learnt of this shared belief in the NWO: that a tiny elite rules the world from inside a secret room.I took it upon myself to try to settle the matter.If there really was a secret room,it would have to be somewhere.And if it was somewhere,it could be found.And so i set about trying to find it. This turned out to be a hazardous journey.I was chased by men in dark glasses,surveilled from behind trees,and-unlikely as it might sound right now- I managed to witness robed international CEOs participate in a bizarre owl-burning ritual in the forests of northern California. One night,in the midst of my quest to find the secret room,I was back in London playing poker with another jewish journalist,John Diamond.He asked me what I was up to. I ranted about how it was all true,how the extremists were onto something,how they were leading me to a kind of truth,and so on. John,who suffered from throat cancer and consequently needed to write everything down,immediately found a blank page in his notepad and furiously scribbled: "You are sounding like one of Them." Was John right?Had I become one of them?Whatever,I would have liked to expressed my gratitude to John for giving me the idea for the book´s title,but he died shortly before its publication. All the words within are my own except for the paragraphs I have appropriated from Neal Gabler´s An Empire of Their Own(How the Jews Invented Holywood). A question I´ve been asked is by what criteria I heve defined the people within this book as extremists.The answer is,I haven´t.My only criterion is that they have been called extremists by others. One thing you quickly learnt about them is that they really don´t like being called extremists.In fact they often tell me that we are the real extremists.They say that the Western liberal cosmopolitan establishment is itself a fanatical,depraved belief system." From the Preface of Them:Adventures With Extremists, 2002 paperback edition by Jon Ronson ************************************************************* Another book to read 'The Master Game' by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval book review www.darkstar1.co.uk/mastergame.htm 02/09/2011 - 'The Master Game'. Subtitled "Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World".